Professional Associates and Affiliated Organizations

Vital to IUMRS goals is effective interaction and collaboration with many other organizations whose missions and interests are consonant with those of IUMRS. To facilitate and strengthen working linkages between IUMRS and the many organizations with similar interests and expertise, IUMRS welcomes institutional memberships, in the categories of Professional Associate and Affiliated Organization

Professional Associate Category

  • Professional Membership Societies (e.g. physics, chemistry, engineering, education, policy);
  • National Academies;
  • Associations of Societies;
  • Advisory Councils.

Affiliated Organization Category

  • Business organizations / corporations having a global presence and wishing to participate in, and support, the activities of IUMRS in the international arena;
  • Consulting organizations (think tanks) active in global materials issues;
  • Research laboratories (industrial research centers, independent labs, government institutions, national labs);
  • Government agencies, ministries, foundations and venture capital organizations that support materials research;
  • Organizations that sponsor international fellowships, scholarships, exchange programs and other interactions related to materials research.


Each Professional Associate and Affiliated Organization contributes a fee annually, receives specific membership benefits, and is welcomed as an active participant in IUMRS activities. Associates and Affiliates are urged to contribute fees appropriate to their size and stature, in support of IUMRS activities. The minimum annual fee is currently $500 for Professional Associates and $250 for Affiliated Organizations (being a fixed fraction of the basic annual fee contributed by IUMRS Adhering Bodies). Special arrangements can be made in exceptional situations.


IUMRS wishes to contribute in substantial and tangible ways to the progress of our global community. Together with our Associates and Affiliates, we are uniquely qualified to have a positive impact on policies, education, and research whose roots lie in materials science and engineering, and in the related disciplines. By participating as an IUMRS Professional Associate or Affiliated Organization, your institution will expand its reach, influence, professional network, and recognition in the international arena.


  • We can foster international research collaborations.
  • We can develop educational initiatives.
  • We can support and collaborate in technical meetings on materials-related topics – both general meetings and those focused on individual issues of global urgency.
  • We can develop resources and disseminate information (databases, web sites, publications) to support and assist research in materials reas, and statistical analysis for prediction of future markets and resource needs.
  • We can contribute to planning and development of shared research facilities and instrumentation.
  • We can promote the development of, and access to, software resources, notably in the area of simulation of complex systems.
  • We can develop programs of awards, grants and fellowships to encourage promising students and enterprising researchers.
  • We can facilitate international interactions between government funding agencies seeking the mutual benefits of collaborative materials research.
  • We can facilitate linkages between frontier materials researchers and venture capital sources.
  • We can collaborate in the preparation of white papers and commissioned studies on global materials questions, with our combined insight giving such reports unique depth and value.


  • Associates and Affiliates are invited to join with Adhering Bodies of IUMRS in the initiation, development, and advancement of Special Global Projects. Such Projects can significantly influence the fruitful application of materials research at the global level.
  • Associates and Affiliates can contribute their wisdom, experience, and special expertise in vital ways to the success of these Projects, whose goals will support and enhance their own missions.
  • Associates and Affiliates are encouraged to participate wholeheartedly in these projects, from developing initial concepts, planning and organization, and intellectual participation to report preparation and dissemination. They will enjoy advance access to the products of such projects, and their participation and support will receive prominent and appropriate acknowledgement.

It is hoped that Associates and Affiliates will take this opportunity to join with us to build a strong, exciting, and constructive agenda of activities. Examples of programs worthy of consideration include:

Advanced Materials Institutes

Envisioned as high level forums, with invited participants, on topics such as:

  • emerging critical frontiers in materials
  • grand challenges for materials research
  • solving global problems
  • materials research resources and major facilities
  • materials education
  • research funding

Database Development Project

  • workforce demographics
  • financial resources
  • industrial resources and trends
  • commercial applications / products
  • research equipment

International Collaboration and Exchange

  • web based network
  • personnel exchanges
  • resource database
  • Awards Foundation

Materials Policy Institutes

  • international impact of materials policy and practice
  • future opportunities
  • cross-disciplinary interactions

Customized Studies

Associates / Affiliates are encouraged to submit proposals for Institutes or White Papers to be prepared under the auspices of IUMRS.

Privileges and Benefits

  • Full participation in appropriate IUMRS Special Projects including opportunities to propose specific Institutes or White Paper preparation. Priority access to resulting Reports;
  • Active participation in IUMRS governance activities. Representatives invited to attend General Assembly meetings. Defined voting power;
  • Advance programs for all IUMRSsponsored conferences;
  • Registration fees at IUMRS-sponsored meetings substantially discounted for one representative;
  • Fees for exhibit booths at IUMRSsponsored meetings substantially discounted;
  • An institutional subscription to IUMRS Facets for your library or department office;
  • Five personal subscriptions to IUMRS Facets for your staff;
  • Free announcements and news in IUMRS Facets (on a space-available basis);
  • Discounted advertisement rates in IUMRS Facets;
  • Listing as a Professional Associate or Affiliated Organization in all IUMRS publications, including Facets, appropriate brochures, and the IUMRS web site;
  • Links to your web site from IUMRS website;
  • By participating as an IUMRS Professional Associate or Affiliated Organization, your Institution will expand its reach, influence, professional network, and recognition in the international arena.

On IUMRS and Globalization...

[A message from Peter A. Glasow, IUMRS President, 2002. Reprinted fromIUMRS Facets (July, 2002)]

Dear Readers,

Globalization presents us with new responsibilities, new challenges -whether it be in industry, science, or politics. Overcoming national boundaries already has decades of tradition in many fields. The scientific world has clearly played a pioneering role in this process. Industry has followed, initially in trade and sales as the first spearheads for the tapping of new markets.

Despite this long history, globalization has now acquired a new quality, a new dimension. Trade is accompanied by securing and expanding export markets. Companies must be represented in all important markets; this means establishing manufacturing - and sometimes research and development (R&D) facilities — in situ. Through this strategic step, industry tries to reduce the product development time, to raise quality, and to decrease development costs as well as to utilize the know-how of the domestic partner in the battle for market share. New organizational structures have been created. Long-term research goals, also including those that directly concern industry, are increasingly neglected as a result of an ever greater focus on customer wishes and time to market. Visions and long-term research are increasingly being pursued today with the aid of universities and research institutions.

In view of the permanent increase in globalization, international cooperation in advanced materials science must become an important feature, especially in their long-term fundamentals. Globalization in this area does not depend on the same conditions as those of industrial R&D. Progress in advanced materials is above all, and increasingly, dependent on collaborative, mostly multidisciplinary efforts, as well as closer coordination among funding agencies and effective partnerships involving universities, national laboratories, and ultimately industry. Multinational cooperation in materials science will often be determined not only by the global range of the problems, but also by the financing required.

Global contacts and links are therefore essential. We feel that such links are being established by the International Union of Material Research Societies (IUMRS). The IUMRS was established in 1990 as an international association of materials research society-type technical groups or societies, with the main objective of facilitating cooperation among international materials research organizations globally on all levels. The IUMRS is expanding and comprises the materials research societies of 12 large geographical areas: Argentina, Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States and their affiliates.

Among its many activities, the IUMRS holds annual large-scale materials science conferences, held by rota in one of the member countries, alternating the conference topics between electronic materials (ICEM) and advanced materials (ICAM) in successive years. The next ICEM is scheduled in 2002 at Xian, China; the next ICAM is scheduled for 2003 in Yokohama, Japan. These conferences are a means of swift and efficient worldwide exchange of the latest materials research results across the wide range of materials topics. The IUMRS is the only global network of knowledge reflecting the state of the art in materials research and engineering. Prompt, effective exchange of information means that where there is scientific or technological demand, relevant activities can be located, and coordinated as needed, and cooperation then established. In particular in planning bi- or multinational new projects with efficient use of resources in mind, this can be of crucial economic significance.

The IUMRS is a pacesetter for materials research networks. We see our role as a catalyst for the networking of expertise in advanced materials research worldwide for the benefit of everyone.

Peter A. Glasow, IUMRS President, 2002

To Request Institutional Membership in IUMRS

  1. Discuss your interest in Professional Associate or Affiliated Organization status with the Chair of the Membership Commission, with the General Secretary, or with any current officers of IUMRS. We will be happy to offer further information or advice.
  2. Consult the IUMRS web site, where you will find representative information about current activities, and the IUMRS Statutes and ByLaws.
  3. Your Request for IUMRS Institutional Membership should explain briefly the mission and profile of your organization, and indicate the nature of your Organization’s interest in joining IUMRS.

For your convenience, a Request Form is provided. Alternatively, your own format is acceptable, provided that your submission covers the information listed on the Form. Kindly mail or fax your request form to:

the IUMRS General Secretary
Prof. R.P.H. Chang

Northwestern University
2225 N. Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-3108, USA

After reviewing your request, the IUMRS Commission on Membership will forward it for IUMRS Executive Council action. We look forward to hearing from you!

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