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newsletter(2017-02-08) - B-MRS newsletter, English edition, year 4, issue 1 has been released! See here.

(2017-01-11) - The hotsite of the XVI B-MRS Meeting is online. See important dates, plenarists who have confirmed attendance, sponsors who have confirmed participation, cost of registration fees, team contact info. Here.

(2016-12-21) -  New year message from the president od B-MRS. See here.

(2016-12-07) - B-MRS newsletter, English edition, year 3, issue 11 has been released! See here.

(2016-12-07) - B-MRS invites the international materials research community to submit symposia proposals for the XVI B-MRS Meeting, which will be held in the charming city of Gramado, Brazil, from September 10th to 14th, 2017. The call is open until January, 31. See here.

(2016-12-07) - B-MRS newsletter, English edition, year 3, issue 11 has been released! See here.

(2016-10-28) - XV B-MRS Meeting: almost 1,800 registrations from 23 countries, and more than 2,000 contributions presented in oral and poster sessions. Learn about the event through a multimedia report. See here.

(2016-09-14) - Public Note of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) about the need to value investments in science, technology and innovation to resume economic growth in Brazil. See here.

(2016-08-01) - B-MRS newsletter, English edition, year 3, issue 7 has been released! See here.

(2016-06-08) - Publication of contributed manuscripts of the XV Brazil-MRS Meeting. See here.

(2016-05-27) Public note of the the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat): lack of prospects for science, technology and innovation (STI) in Brazil. See here.

(2016-05-27) - B-MRS council member Prof. Carlos Roberto Grandini and three other researchers from Brazil integrate the international college of fellows of the International Union of Biomaterials Societies. See here.

(2016-05-17) - Prof. José Arana Varela, past president of B-MRS, passed away: Note of Condolences. See here.

(2016-04-28) - Prof. Edgar Zanotto, founding member of B-MRS, was elected fellow of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS). See here.

(2016-03-31) - B-MRS University Chapters Program completes two years of existence. See interview with its coordinator, Prof. Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi, here.

(2016-01-29) - Prof. Osvaldo Novais de Oliveira Junior took office in the new B-MRS executive board as a president. See interview with him, here.

(2016-02-26) - Prof. Roberto Mendonça Faria, B-MRS immediate past president, took over, for two years, the second vice-presidency of IUMRS. See interview with him, here.


Future Meetings


Recent Meetings

  • XV Brazil-MRS Meeting. September 25 to 29, 2016, Campinas, Brazil.

In numbers: almost 1,800 registrations (95% from all regions of Brazil and 5% from other 22 countries. 62% students (42% post-graduates and 20% undergraduates). More than 2,000 papers presented within 20 symposia and 2 workshops. 9 countries represented in the organization of the symposia and workshops. 8 plenary lectures, 3 discussion panels, 2 tutorials and 12 technical presentations of companies.43 exhibitors.18 awards given to students.

The comprehensive and diverse range of activities of the program was one of the highlights of this edition of the annual event of the Brazilian Materials Research Society. The proposal was overwhelmingly and enthusiastically accepted by the participants, who packed auditoriums, halls and exhibitors area of the convention center in the city of Campinas (state of São Paulo). The number of participants registered (about 1,800) exceeded the expectations of the organizing team, given Brazil`s current resource scarcity. In the numerous sessions, advances and perspectives were discussed regarding nanomaterials, biomaterials, two-dimensional, surface and interface materials, electronic organic materials, electroceramics, advanced metals, nanocellulose, semiconductors and superconductors, among other. Not only research but also technology and innovation in materials were included in the presentations and discussions, showing the strong relationship of materials research with the economic growth of countries, with improved quality of life and with the preservation of our planet’s natural resources.

See multimedia report of the event.


  • XIV Brazil-MRS Meeting. September 27 to October 1, 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This edition of the annual meeting featured internationality, interdisciplinarity and a massive and active participation of students. Internationality for its more than 300 attendees, speakers, exhibitors and organizers who came from 40 American, European and Asian countries. Interdisciplinarity in the broad spectrum of topics that were addressed within the technical sessions, invited speeches and plenary lectures, in which materials science and engineering met diverse other fields, such as neurosciences, electronics, medicine and computer science, among many others. Concerning the participation of students, not only they represented almost 50% of the attendants, but also they organized a symposium by themselves and exhibited enthusiasm and capability in scientific presentations and discussions. Another highlight of the meeting were the plenary lectures. The organization of the meeting brought seven world leader scientists on diverse research areas who captivated the public with issues on the frontier of human knowledge. 

In numbers: 2,000 attendees (50% students, 50% professionals, 85 % from Brazil, 15 % from abroad), 40 countries, 26 symposia and 2 workshops, more than 2,300 works presented (1,800 posters, 350 oral presentations and 180 invited), 7 plenary lectures, 17 rooms for simultaneous oral sessions, 32 stands in the exhibition, 35 prizes bestowed.

See multimedia report on the event.

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  • science impactBrazil-MRS newsletter: a monthly news update from Brazil for the materials community, including interviews with Brazilian scientists, featured papers of Brazilian authors, events, opportunities, announcements about the Brazil MRS annual international meeting, and more. Subscribe to the newsletter for free at the homepage of the site of the society: See all issues of the English edition here.

  • Science Impact. A special report on materials science in Brazil (made with IOP Publishing). Here.


About Brazil-MRS (SBPMat)

The Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat) was founded on January, 2002, culminating a process of three years, which was conducted by a group of physicists, engineers, and chemists and involved hundreds of Brazilian researchers.

In July, 2002, six months after its formal creation, SBPMat held in Rio de Janeiro its inaugural meeting. Its format, based on thematic symposia, which remains up to the present, was original in Brazil at the time. The first edition of the event had 400 participants and featured interaction between different areas of knowledge, and between several countries worldwide. Since then, the meeting has been held once a year in several Brazilian cities. In the last editions, it gathered about 2,000 attendees.

In addition to the organization of the annual meeting and of other international events, SBPMat has carried out other actions for the Materials community and for the society in general. In 2012, the society launched the SBPMat newsletter, a monthly electronic newsletter dedicated to the dissemination and popularization of Materials Science and Technology, focusing on work and people from Brazil. An English version of the newsletter was launched in 2014. SBPMat also maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Slideshare. In 2014, the society created its University Chapters program, which promotes the formation of teams of students formally linked to SBPMat that develop activities to complement their academic formation. In the same year, the society prepared, in partnership with the Institute of Physics (IOP), the document Science Impact, an overview on materials research in Brazil, in English, available in digital and printed version.

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