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Dr. Karina Kalugina
Secretary General
1. River Monastyrka Emb.
193167 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 7 812 274 15 22
Fax: 7 812 274 17 07
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The organization consists of 384 individual members, comprising leaders in their fields of activity, scientists and engineers, as well as 19 organization members.

A unique feature of our organization is the wide spectrum of experts among our membership. They include theorists and scientists working on fundamental problems; scientists at institutes and other schools; metallurgical experts, including not only engineers, but also museum specialists, restorers, medical technologists, and others, all working with advanced materials. Such diversity enables us to develop interdisciplinary research investigations.

Another distinguishing feature of MRS-R is that it includes both individual and organization members.



MRS-R focuses its attention on materials for operation under extreme conditions and advanced technologies, including construction and equipment safety problems, use of waste, and ecologically safe technologies. Application areas include all spheres of life-engineering, medicine, art, etc. Past topics have included the following:

  • Materials science problems in nuclear station design, development and operation; 120 participants including scientists from Great Britain, France, United States, Sweden, South Korea and other countries
  • Radiation effects on thermal nuclear reactor materials
  • Seminar on Russian marine applications of advanced materials held in the United States jointly with Pennsylvania State University; about 200 participants
  • Problems of material and nuclear station equipment aging
  • Casting manufacturing problems (in Russia)
  • Siberia materials (in Novosibirsk)
  • Museum without fire (in Riga, Latvia)
  • Nuclear station materials, block carrying agents and cell structure catalyzators (in St. Petersburg)



MRS-R publishes the anthology, "Materials Science Problems," and proceedings from its meetings.

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