Sômiya Award 2005

The Year 2005 IUMRS Somiya Award recipients were Prof. Terence Langdon, University of Southern California, USA and Prof. Zenji Horita, Kyushu University, Japan, in the research titled "Severe Plastic Deformation for Microstructure Refinement and Property Improvement in Metallic Materials."


Prof. Terence Langdon

Prof. Zenji Horita


Abstract: Severe Plastic Deformation for Micro structure Refinement and Property Improvement in Metallic Materials

Severe plastic deformation (SPD) is a processing approach that refines grains and other structural features through plastically deforming materials to a very large strain. We have been collaborated for more than ten years to investigate microstructures and mechanical properties after processing by a typical SPD technique called Equal-Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP). The grain size is refined to the submicrometer or nanometer range and this grain refinement is achieved expeditiously through the introduction of the shear in multi-directions. The materials processed by the ECAP exhibit higher strength with enhanced ductility. Furthermore, the grain refinement using ECAP leads to superplastic ductility when tested at high strain rates and/or lower temperatures. The ECAP process can scale up so that the grain refinement is feasible in large bulk materials. Such improvements of mechanical properties are attained without relying on alloying elements so that the ECAP process has a great potential for high recycling performance.

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